Aberystwyth Angling Association Podcast

Welcome to the Aberystwyth Angling Association podcast!

It’s a sobering realisation that the history of Aberystwyth Angling Association is being lost with the passing of some of our older members. Events such as the effects of ‘acid rain‘ on our lakes, the incredible runs of Salmon on the Rheidol back in the 70’s slowly become a distant memory.

So I am  embarking on a mission to get some ‘historical recollections‘ recorded in the form of podcasts as there is nothing better than getting this information from the ‘horses mouth’ so to speak.

Sadly it was too late for some of the renowned angling gods of the association. What value could you give to a voice recording from the likes of Malcolm Edwards, Bob Maredith and Gwyndaf Evans for instance.

Thank you to all those who have and will share their recollections, experience and memories with me as they are important now and will be more so in the future! 

Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making them!

Mark Sedgewick


Episode 1 - John Gough

John Gough.jpgIn our first podcast we are kindly joined by the legend that is John Gough.

It’s safe to say that John, after nearly 70 years of enthusiastically fishing our waters, can talk all day long about his fishing exploits such is his sharp and accurate recollections of the past. John is regarded by most as probably the most complete angler of both river and lakes the association has ever seen. In his early days he was the master of catching Salmon on generating water on the Rheidol and also sea trout in the lower stretches of the river at night. Of late he has become the master of catching the specimen large brown trout of Oerfa lake. Such was the volume of interesting information shared by John that it was necessary to split the recording in to two episodes…