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DJI_0377.jpgSaid to be the 'Jewel In The Crown', of the Aber Angling lakes Frongoch provides steady action throughout the season. The lake is 16 acres which means that there is plenty of space for both bank and boat fishing and being so close to the two other lakes at Trisant (Rhosrhydd and Glandwgan) makes the trip very worthwhile.

The reservoir is around 9ft deep at the dam wall and has real vairiety with some shallower weedy areas too. The best of the bank fishing is normally had from the dam wall, with the boats regularly catching all over the lake. 

We stock rainbows on a regular basis throughout the season, and specially in preparation for events. Recently we have also been stocking blue trout which have gone down extremely well with the members and visiting anglers. The fly life in frongoch can be prolific and is plenty to support the fish which means that we see plenty of seasoned fish coming out. 

Alongside the stocked rainbows and blues there are plenty of wild brown trout that occupy the lake.

Having a good selection of natural fly life means that frongoch is a good venue to fish natural patterns. Most notable are early season hawthorn flies, the black sedge hatches during the evenings in July and August and the Daddy Longlegs in August and September. 

Due to the regular stockings it also fishes extremely well using lure patterns like cat's whisker as well as "semi naturals" like cormorants. 

DJI_0392.jpgThe lake is overlooked by the two static caravans, which can be rented out by visiting anglers during the season, and which have exclusive fishing of the lake on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. 

Fishing for season/day permit holders is therefore on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. 

Frongoch is also the "social hub" for the Association, with anglers regularly meeting up to fish here, as well as hosting the Fur and Feather at the end of the season.

Parking for bank fishing is available in the "old quarry" at the south end of the lake with room enough for 3 vehicles. This parking just off the road makes Frongoch suitable for anglers seeking ease of access.  There are also two parking spots for boat users. 

The season at Frongoch runs from the 20th March until the 31st October (Having been extended for the first time during the 2022 season) 

There DJI_0387.jpgare four boats moored on Frongoch (for boat permit holders) or caravan occupiers. These boats are easily powered by the provided oars, but are also suitable for electric outboards. 

Fly fishing only.

The reservoir was originally constructed to supply water to the nearby mines which would have been used to power machinery. The nearby village of Trisant was built around the mining which bought industry to the area during the 1800s. The local area has a very rich mining history that stretches back well before the building of the dam here.